Frequently Asked Questions

How will I receive the eBook and private label rights?

After your purchase is complete, your digital item(s) will be available to download immediately. You will also receive an email containing the digital item(s) downloadable files. Please download to a desktop computer or laptop as the computer files may not download properly to a mobile device.

Lastly, your order will be shown on your My Account page.  There you will find your order and download links.

NOTE: All download links automatically expire after the timeframe listed in the email you will received. We suggest that you download and save the files to your computer at your earliest convenience. If your link in the email and on your account expires and you need to download it again, please contact us.

Are others able to purchase the same product?

Yes, others can purchase the same product. Please note that with purchasing the private label rights (PLR) to an eBook you can edit it. By Rebranding the eBook, (creating a new cover, title and editing the product) you will have a new eBook that is your own.

A good example of rebranding would be the generic products at your local stores. This type of rebranding also occurs with vehicles, laptops, and cellular devices. Companies may have the same or similar product, but are still highly successful, which attributes to their branding, advertising, and customer relations.

What payment options do you offer?

We accept all major credit/debit cards via our payment processor and PayPal. *Financial details are not received or stored on our website.

Problems downloading the files.

If you experience issues downloading the files, please try the following:

If you experience issues with a download, please change to a different browser. This should fix the issue.

If not, try the Firefox Download Managers extensions/plugins: Download Manager or Turbo Download Manager or DropBox – Saver Plugin (for Dropbox) Just right click on a link and you can save it to your dropbox account.

Chrome Google Drive – Save To Google Drive; Dropbox – Download To Dropbox; OneDrive – Save To One Drive

If you continue to experience this issue, contact us.


Why are Zip files used for the downloads?

Zip files are the most convenient way to send multiple files. Utilizing the zip file option is an easy way to compresses multiple files. When the files are compressed the file size is smaller and it helps with faster downloads.

Using Windows Explorer simply right click on the zip file. Then from the drop-down menu, choose “Extract All” to unzip and view the file.

What should I do if the file won’t unzip?

First, please verify that your internet connection is working properly. If your connection is working properly, please re-download the file by going to your My Account page on The re-download will need to overwrite the file you previously downloaded.

If the download continues to be unsuccessful, please contact us.


What can I do with the product I ordered? What are the rights? What is allowed?

Once you receive the download, we suggest you read it. If you chose to do so, with Private Label Rights (PLR) you have the option to edit the document, change the title, create a new cover, and distribute it, if desired, on a platform of your choice. If you are not looking to rebrand the product, the Master Resell Rights (MRR) allows the product to be sold "as is". 

Do you have coupons?

Instead of coupons, we have bundle deals available at varies times throughout the year. Subscribe in the  “Be the first to know” section to receive notifications when the deals are going to be available.


Do you accept product submissions or sell products for others?

Currently, we are not accepting eBook submissions, nor sell products for other people. This is something we may consider in the future.


Latest Update: 11/29/2021